Our Team

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

                                                                     --Andrew Carnegie

Jerry Cutini, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Cutini has worked in the semiconductor equipment industry since 1981.  In 1990 he co-founded OnTrak Systems, a CMP wafer cleaning Equipment Company.  After developing proprietary CMP technology and executing an initial public offering in 1995 at a value of $225 million, OnTrak was acquired by Lam Research in 1997 for $400 million.  Mr. Cutini served at Lam as president of the OnTrak division. In 1999 he joined Gasonics International as EVP of Marketing and Business Development and helped lead the acquisition by Novellus.  Tapped by venture capitalists and industry experts, he is a known expert in driving post-merger integrations that quickly achieve profitability and solidify company operations to support rapid growth. This includes the recent acquisitions of Strasbaugh’s technology for Revasum. He has served on multiple public and private company boards and is a veteran of the US Navy, where he studied electronics.


Bill Kalenian, Vice President - Engineering

Mr. Kalenian is the innovator of many of wafer carrier and CMP tool technologies. He held positions in both process engineering and process engineering and was manager of wafer carrier development. In 2003 he was appointed director of CMP tool development; in 2008, director of engineering; and in 2010, vice president of engineering. He has been awarded five US patents.


Eric Jacobson, Vice President - Customer Support

Eric Jacobson started in the semiconductor industry in 1990 in the position of Service Manager.  He grew the department to fifty service tech's operating worldwide.  In addition, he manages sales of spare parts and tool upgrades with total annual department sales of approximately one third of company revenue.  In 2010 Mr. Jacobson was elected V.P, Customer Support.


Sarah Okada, Vice President–Products and Applications

Ms. Okada started in semiconductor industry in 1995 as a marketing assistant in the applications development group.  During her career she has been responsible for product management, market research, marketing communications, and new product development. In 2013, Ms. Okada was promoted to director of sales and marketing for Strasbaugh where she incorporated marketing and sales best practices to develop the new brand.


Belinda Reyna, Vice President--Finance

Ms. Reyna has been in the semiconductor industry since 1996. She has held management positions in Cost Accounting and Accounting. In 2005 she was promoted to Controller, and in 2014 she was elected to Vice President of Finance. She holds a BS degree in business administration from University of La Verne in California.


Dennis Riccio, Vice President of Sales

Dennis’s former positions include President and Chief Operating Officer and Managing Board Director of a NASDAQ company in the Semiconductor Industry with revenues in excess of $200M. Significant experience in overseeing global operations while successfully managing the demands of a public company and corporate governance, including Sarbanes Oxley 404 compliance. Substantial knowledge and experience in the realm of Customer Operations and Marketing. Experience in Mergers and Acquisitions both on the buy and sell side. Entrepreneur, Founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing of an Integrated Display Systems company that achieved sales in excess of $200M – NYSE.